We're your in-house marketing & creative team
helping high-growth wellness and beauty companies scale.

Are you looking to grow your business, but not sure how feasible it is to hire a full marketing team?

Your company needs to grow, having a marketer doesn't move the needle much -
You need a team of experts to you get you to the next level.

We make it easy for brands to hire a scaleable marketing team
by offering "stackable" services.


All of our STACKABLE SERVICES include our Marketing Plan & Management service.
Build your custom plan by selecting from our stackable services:

- Packaging Design Updates
- Visual Merchandising
- Marketing Collateral
- Print Advertising


- Brand Strategy
- Packaging Redesign
- Roll-out Strategy
- Organizational Brand Communication


- Digital Strategy
- Digital Ad Development & Production
- A/B Testing & Campaign Management
- Monthly Reporting


- Content Creation
- Seasonal Campaigns
- Brand Assets


- Website Content Updates
- New Product Launches
- Promotional Campaigns
- Traffic & Conversion Reporting


- Pipeline Development
- Merchandising
- Website Redesign & Development

All of our STACKABLE SERVICES are tailored based on your company's custom needs:
Brand Strategy, Internal Brand Communication, Website Redesign & Development, Photography & Packaging Design, with our Marketing Plan & Management service.
Build your custom plan by selecting from our stackable services.

Get the marketing support your team needs.

Build your CUSTOM SERVICE STACK today.


Every brand is unique. We value every brand's unique DNA and bring its essence to life by becoming an
indispensable part of their customers' lives.
We believe that every partnership begins with trust and thrives on the integrity of the relationships we hold with our clients.
We value high touch communication, debates about the latest health trends, and a fresh cup of green tea.

At Odepartment, creative is an extension of strategy, and we approach every project with a holistic view in order to maximize outcomes for our clients.

We are comfortable in physical and digital mediums, whether it's advertising, Ecommerce, retail or social media - viewing the landscape with fresh perspective is just part of our DNA.

About OUR Founder

Christina Okubo has lead multiple global rebranding efforts for brands over the past several years. As a Wieden+Kennedy and American Apparel alum, she sharpened her teeth in fast-paced creative environments and working with Fortune 500 companies including Target, Nike and Levi’s. Christina became the VP of Marketing at Hourglass cosmetics, where she helped grow the brand internationally 200% prior to Unilever’s acquisition.

Raised in a multicultural and bilingual environment, Christina learned to become a cultural bridge from a young age and discovered the universal language of fashion and beauty shopping the streets of Harajuku in her teens.

Today, Christina helps business leaders of high-growth wellness and beauty brands streamline their global business strategy to grow their brands into coveted international brands.

Christina is the founder and Managing Director of Odepartment, a creative agency specializing in the wellness, beauty and personal care space.

Are you an emerging brand that's looking for individualized support?
Learn more about Christina here: www.christinaokubo.com