Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Creative Direction / Tone of Voice Development


We worked with INIMINI to create a fresh brand identity and story.


INIMINI was swimming upstream, launching in a category saturated with loud graphics and cotton candy pink and baby blue hues.

The Birth of INIMINI

We wanted to create a brand that speaks to today’s modern parent who is looking for a way to allow their child to be “themselves” - bright, fun, and most importantly comfortable.


INIMINI is a unisex baby brand for modern parents. Offering simple, functional design products, we wanted to draw focus on sophisticated color palette and simple silhouettes. Unlike the high end designer labels it is influenced by, INIMINI was positioned to be accessible, with a focus on a no frills approach to childrenswear.


INIMINI was conceived with the hope to offer a simple solution for baby essentials. We created a visual language that was graphic, playful yet sophisticated – an aesthetic that even childless adults coule appreciate, and easily grab a gift without questioning whether their gift would end up in the exchange pile.